Poverty Stricken Soul

And there are reasons why one should not openly declare what they do because the arrows hitting your back remain the same – hostile and deadly.

With an open mind we sometimes inform others of our adventure. There are moments where they rejoice with you but there are also moments when they deny you the joy. The former can be easily faked but the latter, it comes out like a knife stabbing into your heart and penetrating your spine. That is what speaking to a recalcitrant is like, especially when they show no regard nor appreciation for firstly to understand what you said.

Launching into a fit of wild accusations is also another typical reaction that is frowned upon by the same weakened recipient. Instead of embracing the sincerity of honesty, it comes as a bulldozer to flatten any spike of enthusiasm. Can you blame if the victim than withdraws?

Finally, after burying spurts of excitement from momentary victories for fear of being ridiculed and stepped again, the intentionally calmed atmosphere was protruded once more as an act of honest discourse, thinking perhaps the storm might have passed. But what do you know, it comes like the thundering explosion of Krakatoa – fearsome, smokey, earth shattering.

Undeniable, when one decides to not indulge in your wavelength of cause and reason, it is a wasted effort to attempt to bridge the gap. Be they words or gesture, none is welcome. Can you blame when withdrawal is executed upon? Can you accuse when one confides in everyone except thee?

This is a trajectory of the uncommon commons; and am afraid to say it is the root cause of all poverty – mental, emotions, spirit, form….the list is endless.

Photo by BROTE studio on Pexels.com

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