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Savage Beasts Under the Sun

It’s art, it’s sunflower. 

The weather is blazing hot these few days.  Even the morning breeze is no longer cool and welcoming. It’s quite unbearable to be honest with humidity in interplay. 

The sunflower has quite some interesting characteristics attached to it. From the way it faces the sun from the time the sun rises to the time sets, the sunflower also possesses seeds that is addictive to the pallete.  It’s difficult to stop right after the first and if without control we’ll continue on with the next few pieces until we empty the bag that contained it. 

The sunflower also looks mightily welcoming with its bright yellow colour. It could be the very reason why people were drawn to it in the first place, if not how would anyone stumble upon this flower and made it into sunflower seed oil? 

Which makes us wonder, the delicacies of the world, who would’ve started creating them…like the abalone since it’s to be harvested from the sea, durian given its spiky appearance, the gall bladder of the porcupine for its miraculous healing properties, escargots since its rather slimy to begin with, rabbit as satay, snake blood for strength, tiger’s testicles for manliness, bear’s paws and so many more…

It makes you wonder how in the name of delicacies human beings can be such savage beasts… 

Image by HaoKan

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