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Run Wild Imagination Begins Here

We’ve always wanted a sanctuary of our own. 

The Internet has brought about a range of possibilities that were once reserved for the rich and famous. Today, our imagination can run wilder than our parents’,  further than any known artists and wider than the expanse of the open sky. 

What has this got to do with our picture here? Back in the day, the lamp was only featured in an artist’s home or a designer’s studio. Now it can be yours at home. 

Our mothers would have said why is the painting on the floor? Today we say it’s tastefully placed there. 

Back then, the wooden coffee table was considered past its prime. Today, a retro classic. Even the wooden armchair is something to behold of right now. You wished you didn’t throw away that armchair of your folks’. 

Today, with the Internet streaming literally to every palm, everyone’s a journalist, a photographer, a poet, a critic, subject of gossip and are even war mongers. 

While most of us can be grateful for what the Internet has brought upon into our lives, we ought to weave it with some sense of purpose and mindfulness that it is the only thing that connect us to our dream. A better place to connect us may perhaps be the quiet living room without disturbance that allows us to roam free with our maker as we meditate about our lives, our pursuits and enjoy in the purity of a mind run wild to achieving our dreams. 

Better to connect with wisdom in a quiet living room than the wired millions with noise. 

Image by HaoKan

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