The Popular Leverage of GST

They say, there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes.

Malaysia will be heading into another certainty tomorrow, in fact in just a few hours. This is the era where according to many may be the bitter pill we all need but difficult to swallow. In simpler terms, the general Malaysians do not see the necessity and are not ready for the Goods and Services Tax. The government and the proponents in the world of commerce and finance are however inclined for the implementation.

The word on the street is rife with price hikes and inflation. Whether or not their findings or utterances are substantiated is another matter. Popularity counts today, just as it is important among the top honchos running the system.

I think the voice of the Rakyat can be summed up in the next few photos.

True Survival
See, no hands 🙂

One – Survival is Key, With or Without Hands. My family and I saw this on the recent Sunday afternoon. This man, a foreigner we reckon, was on his way back after grocery shopping at a nearby sundry shop (not supermarket). It is clear that the life he leads in Malaysia weighs more than the bag of rice on his shoulders. He has to contend with being an alien in a foreign land, subjected to his job and his master as well as the weight of his responsibilities, be it as a man or a father in a distant land missing his children, wife and maybe his parents too. And a life like this is truly with or without hands, you must survive to see the next day because with every passing day, it brings you closer to the day when you will see your loved ones again – the very ones you fight to stay alive for.

Foggy road ahead.
Foggy road ahead.

Two – A Foggy Outlook – Not everyone is clear about the future ahead and that includes the implementor. It is still a question mark whether or not the country will head into a tailspin or be enlightened because there will be a “healthier” cashflow in the system, or both because of the very same reason.

But life in Malaysia is generally not so hostile or morbid when you look at it from the brighter side. For one, the grey areas that are often a permanent feature whenever a new system is introduced often give room to us to be flexible and thereby state our position, our case and allowing us the right to make sense out of things. And most times, I feel the listening ears at the counters will actually pay you the attention you need so long as you are civilised, well-mannered and smile as our late Sudirman would call on us to do.

Secondly, this new animal called GST is not really a new breed. In fact, we may be among the last to introduce this, lagging behind our first world neighbours Singapore in 1993, Indonesia in 1984 and even Laos in 2009.

Thirdly and in the words of those in marketing, banking, business and especially in network marketing, leverage! Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is something about GST that you can leverage about. Just see the picture below, taken on the morning of the eve of GST in Malaysia 🙂

Can you believe it?
Can you believe it?

Happy GST everyone!

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